Joy about place 3 for the effect’s youth show dance

An exciting weekend lies behind the dance guards from coburg. On saturday the effect's youth team entered the tournament at the baunataler tanzentage with their first performance in the current session.

Many new children

The team, with many new kids who had never stood on a rough tournament stage before, went to the start excited but full of anticipation. She danced her dance "screw loose, or what?" Very clean and expressive and, according to a press release, received 423 points, the same as the second-placed team from baunatal.

Not qualified

Only the worse strike score prevented the qualification for the suddeutsche championship and the jump to the silver rank. Also the youth guard and ertanzte itself mad 379 points.


Smoked, smoked and smoked again

Smoked, smoked and smoked again

After the urban land use planning, rodelsee’s mayor burkhard klein devoted himself in detail to the issues in the community. 14 pieces were the ones he was trying to clear out. "Please stop this kind of nonsense.", pleaded the mayor.

Rumor one: rodelsee said to be the most indebted municipality in the county. Klein, on the other hand, said that the peak in 2005 was 3.8 million euros. To the 31. December 2018 it was only 845,000 euros. That is 484 euros per inhabitant. The national average is 606 euros.

Smell two: municipality has not received money to rehabilitate schlossberg roads. On 20. November 2018, 727 757.43 euros had been deposited in the municipality’s account. The roads and footpaths must be completely renewed by 2020.


Special meeting on the traffic circle in march

The firefighters of marktstetten have made a lot of work to get a replacement for their 32 year old vehicle LF 16. Since a new vehicle is not financed by the city, they have looked for a used fire truck and, after two less successful attempts, have now found one in lower saxony. After a thorough inspection of the 20-year-old vehicle, which is in "top condition" they now proposed the purchase to the city council.

Even though the cost is above the budget, the council unanimously approved the purchase on monday evening. The "new" the fire truck costs just under 60,000 euros, the old one is paid for at around 7,000 euros, the fire department association adds another 5,000 euros, so that the city ends up with 48,000 euros – a new vehicle costs almost ten times as much. The necessary installation of the equipment will be done by the firefighters themselves.

In march there will be a special session in the marktsteft city council on the subject of the staatsstrabe/traugraben traffic circle. The new head of the state building authority will also be present and will present his proposals for a solution.


How the energy transition works at home

How the energy transition works at home

Saving energy at home – this interested about 40 people who came to the energy tour of the arbeitsgemeinschaft dorfschatze (village treasures working group).

According to the press release, the oldtimer bus of the weiglein family took them to three stops, each of which showed an example of the renovation of an older building or an innovative solution for energy-saving heating technology. First stop was abtswind. There, the renovated parental home (built in 1822) of klaus lenz could be visited. His son renovated the house in 2004 and optimized its energy efficiency.

The old stoves were replaced by a new heating system, and there is also a tiled stove (basic stove). Insulating windows were installed, the walls and ceilings were dammed from the inside. With a great deal of craftsmanship, holger lenz was able to carry out the major part of the work himself.


Kulmbach house “sternstunden”: a perfect world for abused children

Kulmbach house

Ole (name changed by the editors) did not know affection. He grew up in a homeless shelter and experienced fatherly violence as a very young child. Ole had to be hospitalized several times, then came to foster parents and to various youth welfare facilities, which he always had to leave after a short time. He found no support anywhere. He was homeless when he entered the "sternstunden" children's home two years ago as a four-year-old where severely traumatized children find a home.

As if frozen

"The little boy was frozen, couldn't show any emotion", remembers udo dirks, who runs the sibling gummi foundation's facility at schiebgraben. A facility without equal in bavaria. "Because we are the only ones who take in severely traumatized children as young as three years old", as edeltraud dahlhoff, who heads the "family and education" department, explains of the rubber foundation.

Building a relationship

Because the bavarian broadcasting company's aid organization supported the project, the children's home, which was opened in 2015, is called "sternstunden". It is a newly built duplex in which the psychological wounds inflicted on children between the ages of three and eight by their own parents are supposed to heal. Like ole, all 13 other residents have experienced beatings, sexual abuse and neglect. "You could never trust anyone. Our goal is therefore first of all to build up a relationship with them, to give them security", says udo dirks.


Dead body found in shared accommodation

Dead body found in shared accommodation

After the 69-year-old suffered a bleeding head injury, an autopsy was carried out on the orders of the public prosecutor's office in wurzburg. According to police, after a first preliminary section result it is now certain that this injury was not the cause of death. The cause of the man's death has not yet been determined with absolute certainty. A 59-year-old man who had had a physical altercation with the deceased the day before was first arrested and then released.

The resident had been found a few minutes after 10:00 am in the communal kitchen of the housing container provided by the municipality of veitshochheim. Since it could not be ruled out that the man had died a violent death due to a bleeding head injury, the wurzburg criminal police immediately took over the further investigation. A forensic pathologist also arrived on the scene to examine the dead man. An autopsy was carried out on the same day on the instructions of the public prosecutor's office in wurzburg. It is now clear that the injury was not the cause of death. It will only be possible to say what the 69-year-old occupant of the shipping container died of once further forensic results are available.

The investigation by the criminal police quickly revealed that the 69-year-old and a fellow resident ten years younger than him had had an altercation during the course of the match on sunday. Since the 59-year-old man was not present when the dead body was found, the police initiated a targeted search for the man.


Record heat fills the outdoor pools in forchheim

Record heat fills the outdoor pools in forchheim

The heat record is followed by a record number of outdoor pools. While the numerous visitors cool off in the refreshing water or move as little as possible in the heat and therefore just lie on the lawn and relax, the employees hardly have a breather.

In the konigsbad in forchheim, the caller can barely get through. The current visitor numbers show a comparison with the visitor numbers in the previous year by means of a red bar: three times as many guests are in the pool as at the same time last year. These figures are valid for all the outdoor pools in the district across the board.

Word has spread far and wide about grafenberg’s outdoor pool as a secret tip. This year, 80 percent more guests are in the grafenberg pool than in previous years. "We have between 700 and 1000 visitors a day, and they can still swim", says pool supervisor peter kraus. Grafenberg is the only outdoor pool in the district with a 50-meter lane.


Kindergarten in sommerach to cost almost 150,000 euros more

Kindergarten in sommerach to cost almost 150,000 euros more

Three items on the agenda of the sommerach council meeting concerned the renovation and expansion of the sommerach kindergarten. Most of the discussion was caused by the recognition of the cost update in the area of technical building equipment. Mayor elisabeth drescher explained that the INSEWA office had supplemented the energy concept planning prepared by the institute for energy technology and recalculated the necessary construction costs.

Among other things, costs have been increased by the heat pump system, the gas condensing boiler technology, the decentralized water supply via electric storage tanks in the new building, or by the fire alarm system, the house alarm and the telephone system. Compared with the first cost calculation of 15. August 2019 an increase of 141 586.20 euros, the community leader announced.

Drescher: "you have to bite the bullet"

A thick chunk, according to drescher, but the exporting architect’s office has so far always tried to stay within the cost framework in its orders from the municipality. Council member josef jakob expressed dissatisfaction with the new figures. A possible increase of 50,000 euros was already discussed during the preliminary consultations, but what is now on the table "is simply too much", so jakob. Nevertheless, according to mayor elisabeth drescher, "we have to bite the bullet and accept the additional costs". The council unanimously approved the update of the cost calculation with the figures mentioned above.