Per capita debt decreased

Per capita debt decreased

This year's burgermeister meetings in the municipality of thundorf started at the musikheim theinfeld. Mayor egon kloffel (CSU) gave a review and an outlook of the events in the municipality and especially in the district of theinfeld. His balance sheet points to a solid municipal policy.

The debt of the municipality at the end of 2019 was 31250 euros. With a total of 1064 inhabitants, the per capita debt has decreased further and is currently 29.81 euros compared to the national average of 606 euros. Since kloffel took office in 2014, per capita debt has fallen from 224 euros to 29.81 euros.

With regard to current, recurring expenditures, kloffel reported a deficit of 22,061 euros in forestry management. The electricity costs for the local lighting amounted to 20 163 euro and the total expenditure for the fire departments in the past year 33 110 euro. There was a pleasing report on the population figures. In the municipality as a whole, the figures are rising (incl. Secondary residence) by twelve people, although there was one less resident in theinfeld.

The burgermeister also addressed the tree removals of the past year, especially in theinfeld. There was the roof renovation and the installation of new gates at the former raiffeisenlagergebaude with costs of 37 739 euros, furthermore asphalting work at the dr.-bruno-uhl-strabe with 30 023 euro. The major project, apart from the extension of the building yard in thundorf, was the renovation of the church "st. Matthias". Matthias" in theinfeld. According to the original planning, it was not foreseeable that the church tower would also have to be re-shuttered and re-roofed, which increased the costs. The cost estimate of the architect is 460,000 euros, the subsidy of the diocese 100,000 euros, the church community takes over 20,000 euros and the remaining community share amounts to approx. 340,000 euros, of which 183,340 euros have already been paid, according to the mayor. On this occasion, kloffel thanked all the willing helpers who volunteered their services. The new fire truck for the volunteer fire department is about to be ordered after the last formalities have been cleared up.

Calm and prudent

The meeting was calm and level-headed when it came to the requests for the floor and the motions for resolutions. Some inquiries aimed at strabenschaden in the ortsstrabe. This topic was already brought up at the burgers' meeting the previous year. The mayor knows about these damaged areas, but he thinks that it is not much use to simply smear the holes with tar. If, then from scratch these strabenschaden had to be repaired. A source of danger, especially for elderly and handicapped people, is the settlement of the sidewalk at the bridge at the music home. Thomas schmitt calls for urgent remedial action. Another listener complained that an improper leveling was done by the company when plowing in cables in the area of the transformer hut in the wall road. Here the municipality should draw attention to the fact that the work is put in order during the inspection.

Along the "grobtannig" markings there are a few damaged trees that need to be removed. When asked whether the landscape lake will still be built, kloffel replies that this is a matter for the district.

Lighting for the music hall

The unpleasant topic of the rat infestation was also discussed. In the area of the uberlaufen should have been sighted any quantity of rats. One wishes for a remedy. Alex klopf asks if the renovation of the square at the dorfstrabe, near his property is recorded, also for the future municipal council. Egon kloffel answer yes. Klopf expressed his gratitude that his request for the procurement of a defibrillator in the previous year has meanwhile been granted. Another topic was the purchase of lighting for the entrance area to the music hall. Here the opinions between village lamp and spotlight still diverged.

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