Playful competitions against barriers

Playful competitions against barriers

Almost seven weeks ago, a remarkable tournament took place in the old town hall in poppenlauer: seven local politicians and seven young people from the market town of mabbach each competed for almost a whole day in games such as table football, mensch argere dich nicht, memory "ich packe einen koffer" ("i'm packing a suitcase"), chat, viking chess and darts. Winner of this "youth versus politicians" competition the young people. This pilot project was organized by the municipal youth work department of the district office of bad kissingen. District youth worker daniel korn presented the results of the evaluation, which is primarily based on a survey of the participants, at the youngest meeting of the market town council.

He was very pleased with the result. The aim was to lower the young people's inhibitions about approaching local politicians and to find out who actually sits on the town council. "Many are of the opinion that the local politicians are very high people, which one may not address", said the district youth worker. The survey showed that both teams got to know each other better and had a lively exchange of ideas and opinions. Korn suggested that such a game day should possibly take place once a year, but at least once per election period, in order to strengthen contact. There should be a change between the different parts of the town in order to give all young people the chance to participate.

The game day showed that young people are interested in political participation. They were invited to participate on a regular basis, or at least on selected topics. Furthermore, events such as young people's meetings (once or twice a year) should take place on a regular basis and possibly even be expanded.

"We were very happy to take the time for the young people", said mayor klement, emphasized mayor matthias klement. The result should be an incentive for other communities to hold such tournaments as well. "This should also be done in the other parts of the village", he announced.

School: nothing changes

"For our middle school, everything remains the same" assured mayor klement, when it came to the somewhat unwieldy issue of "dissolving the nudlingen castle hill middle school and changing the ordinance on the organization of elementary schools in the market town of mabbach, the town of munnerstadt and the municipality of nudlingen" went. The only change is that in the future all middle school students from nudlingen will attend the school in munnerstadt and the nudlingen middle school will be legally dissolved. Nudlingen and munnerstadt found a school association. This will extend the catchment area of the freiherr-von-lutz middle school in munnerstadt to the area of the municipality of nudlingen. There is then only the school association between the middle schools in mabbach and munnerstadt. The market council unanimously approved the draft agreement without lengthy discussion.

Wood storage yard not necessary so far

Does the village of weichtungen need a public wood storage area at all?? This question came up when it came to the extension of the building permit from 2014. At that time, the district office had approved the place. "However, due to the lack of need for the wood storage area, the project has not yet been implemented", it says in the draft resolution. Building permits expire after four years, in this case in august of this year. After a short discussion, the market council decided to submit an application to the district office for a building permit and at the same time to grant the community's consent.

Demand for house renovation

"Already, that in poppenlauer again a vacancy is eliminated", mayor klement was pleased to receive a grant from the allianz schweinfurter oberland program for the elimination of vacant buildings. In the street "am falltor a building that has been vacant for four years and is located in the demand area is to be redeveloped. The cost is estimated at just under 50,000 euros. The demand program provides for ten percent of the investment sum, up to a maximum of 10,000 euros for a facility, plus another 2.5 percent for each child. So the total request is 7390 euro. The market town council unanimously approved.

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