Record heat fills the outdoor pools in forchheim

Record heat fills the outdoor pools in forchheim

The heat record is followed by a record number of outdoor pools. While the numerous visitors cool off in the refreshing water or move as little as possible in the heat and therefore just lie on the lawn and relax, the employees hardly have a breather.

In the konigsbad in forchheim, the caller can barely get through. The current visitor numbers show a comparison with the visitor numbers in the previous year by means of a red bar: three times as many guests are in the pool as at the same time last year. These figures are valid for all the outdoor pools in the district across the board.

Word has spread far and wide about grafenberg’s outdoor pool as a secret tip. This year, 80 percent more guests are in the grafenberg pool than in previous years. "We have between 700 and 1000 visitors a day, and they can still swim", says pool supervisor peter kraus. Grafenberg is the only outdoor pool in the district with a 50-meter lane.

Everyone has their own swimming area, the youth swim on the right side, everyone looks after their children, and despite laughter and good humor, every visitor finds the necessary peace and quiet. The problem with the 5-seidla hikers, who were also looking to cool off in the open-air pool, was also solved by those responsible in grafenberg. "They were not allowed in. Alcohol and water don’t go together", says kraus.

Eken gurkan and his wife doris have their hands full to be able to offer enough food. Already in shortest time supply is demanded by the guests. The kiosk operators have to buy several times a day and are always sold out again. "We have been working for weeks without a break", says doris. Nevertheless, everyone is in a good mood. "People need the heat, then they are happy", says peter kraus.

It’s a similar story at egloffstein’s outdoor pool. Many groups such as the christian association of young men or the kolping group are out and about, set up their camps in egloffstein and swim their rounds in the pool every day. At least 70 to 90 young people are in the pool as a result of these camps alone.

"Many love the bath. We are like a big family and want to keep it that way", says sven ribmann, pool attendant at the egloffstein pool. The guests come from nurnberg, furth and erlangen. The farthest is schwabach.

In terms of turnover, the outdoor pool season has already reached the figures that applied to the entire season the previous year. "It is definitely comparable to 2003", explains ribmann and reminds of the heat period 15 years ago. With special attractions such as the caribbean festival, during which the water is heated to 30 degrees, or with the night swimming, the egloffsteiner offer their guests additional offers, which are always a big hit.

Work is also going on in the kitchen. "Three people are employed in the kitchen", ribmann explains, so that demand is also met with a variety of food offerings.

Sebastian potz describes the crowds of visitors at the ebser mare as unusually well-attended. "It is a very nice summer, and we are a region for excursions", potz explains why so many guests visit the attractive ebermannstadt outdoor pool. Here, too, points are scored with a variety of outdoor pool offers from the covered paddling pool to the wellness slide and water games or bubble shower to the beach volleyball court.

Neunkirchen’s mayor heinz richter is very enthusiastic about the open-air pool season: "the open-air pool is the absolute hit in the town." Neunkirchen fought for decades to preserve and renovate the open-air pool. This decision was always viewed critically from the point of view of costs.

That it was the right decision becomes clear this summer. Everything is well received, from the toddler slide to the paddling pool, and the stainless steel pool was the right decision. "Many adults come to the outdoor pool after work", female mayor of neunkirchen.

The water guard, which provides the bath supervision, has already indicated that with further guests a second supervisor was needed. "You can feel a lot of joy", says richter, because everything in the bath is new. The children’s pool is heated, the facility is modern and hygienic.

From the sports center you can get food and since many guests come to fub or by bike, parking is also not a problem. "The word gets around", explains richter, because many guests come from the surrounding towns.

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