Renitent woman beats and shouts

During this difficult time, the officers were dealing with a very unruly 46-year-old woman on thursday afternoon. Several citizens informed the local office that a woman was shouting wildly in the area of a shopping market.

Until the arrival of the patrol, the late accused then ran back to her apartment, where she first, according to the impression of several residents, beat the inventory short and small. When the officers arrived, the woman was still open. Then the events took their course.

Highly aggressive

When asked to turn down the music, the woman then attacked the officers and tried to push them away to the rear. The highly aggressive, intoxicated woman did not react to any kind of address, which is why she had to be handcuffed. This also did not cause any change in behavior.


The woman continued to kick in the direction of the officers, as a result of which she also had to be handcuffed to her fists. The least of the problems were the numerous insults, which continued unabated from the apartment to the later detention in the police cell.

The woman will have to answer to the court in a few days.

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