Smoked, smoked and smoked again

Smoked, smoked and smoked again

After the urban land use planning, rodelsee’s mayor burkhard klein devoted himself in detail to the issues in the community. 14 pieces were the ones he was trying to clear out. "Please stop this kind of nonsense.", pleaded the mayor.

Rumor one: rodelsee said to be the most indebted municipality in the county. Klein, on the other hand, said that the peak in 2005 was 3.8 million euros. To the 31. December 2018 it was only 845,000 euros. That is 484 euros per inhabitant. The national average is 606 euros.

Smell two: municipality has not received money to rehabilitate schlossberg roads. On 20. November 2018, 727 757.43 euros had been deposited in the municipality’s account. The roads and footpaths must be completely renewed by 2020.

Rumor drei: company bankruptcies. Also the raumte small from. The planting and paving work will be completed by the companies involved in the barrier-free town center in the spring.

Search four: "the barchermassder kricht des zeuch blob durch" with hisa CSU. The statistics that klein projected on the wall showed that about 90 percent of the decisions were unanimous. Only one percent of the resolutions were voted against by four votes. A lot of information, good preparation: "that’s goal-oriented work in the municipal council", klein said.

Rumor five: the mayor takes care of "his people" the "grundstuckli" from the list of monuments. According to the law, neither the mayor nor the entire municipal council can do that.

Smell six: if the mayor’s relatives or his buddies want to build something, the mayor decides for himself. In the case of building applications, the municipal council gives its approval. The approving authority is the district office, said klein. If he is in any way biased, he is excluded from the discussion and vote.

Odor seven: the mayor had simply commissioned the development of the schlossgrund site. The fact is that the council has unanimously decided the development and its start. No permission from the district office is required for this.

Odd eight: the community has made land worthless with the bypass road near frohstockheim. Klein vehemently contradicted this. Instead, the municipality has done everything in its power to legalize the landowner’s protective walls after the fact.

Odor nine: taxpayer I: "for the planning of his cable car the barchermassder has spent 50 000 euro". Although there were already meaningful plans and cost calculations available, in contrast to what the trench renovation would cost, the municipality had not yet spent a cent on it, said klein. For this he had received a questionnaire from the federation of taxpayers.

Rumor ten: taxpayer money waster II: purchase of a HLF 20 instead of a HLF 10 for the rodelsee fire department. For this, according to mayor klein, he has received an anonymous complaint at the district office. In the municipal council, this had indeed been explained in detail and in a comprehensible manner. The members of the fire department are volunteers and put life and limb at risk, said klein. Those present honored the work of the fire department with strong applause.

Odor eleven: taxpayers’ money waster III: the municipality bought a small flat for 100 euros per square meter. 120 square meters have been purchased for the usual 25 euros per square meter, explained klein. This should make it possible to make the entrance from mainbernheimer strabe to the bypass more clearly arranged.

Gerucht zwolf: a council renegade is said to have been excluded by sitting out one or two meetings. Legally, it is necessary for the municipal council to determine the resignation and appoint a successor according to the list, explained klein. The first list successor of the retired walter fuhrmann had declared his renunciation. Now the next one is asked. Klein, however, admitted a mishap in the proceedings. Because a letter had been sent by normal mail, instead of registered mail and return receipt, and had not arrived.

Rumor 13: the rodelseer youth gets everything in contrast to the frohstockheimer youth. Klein countered that the old town hall is being renovated for the youth of frohstockheim. The rodelsee youth receive a double living container. From the ranks of the burghers it was said that one house was enough for all of them. However, the bypass road separates rodelsee and frohstockheim and neither overpasses, underpasses nor traffic lights are possible, according to the mayor.

Rumor 14: the right of first refusal on schwanberg was nothing but hot air. This see according to small the hunt companions probably differently. It has been achieved that there are "reasonable answers" the town of iphofen and that the community hunting ground remains valuable.

At the end of the presentation of the rumors, karlheinz hackner said: "burkhard, be a little more relaxed when it comes to rumors." As mayor you have to endure such things.

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