Ten missing after landslide in norway

Ten missing after landslide in norway

At the same time, she called on the people in the region to be aware of 23.00 o’clock no fireworks in the area to not endanger the helicopters and drones in the air.

There were no reports of fatalities as of thursday morning. The police already made clear on wednesday evening: "the focus of the operation is to save lives."

The landslide in ask about 40 kilometers north of the capital oslo had occurred early wednesday morning. It extended on a long of about 700 meters and a width of 300 meters. At least ten people suffered injuries. Nine houses have collapsed so far as a result of the slide, others are in danger of collapse. Almost 1000 people were brought to safety.

The missing lived in the affected area, though it is not clear if they were at home at the time of the disaster. Of the area, parts continued to be so unstable on thursday that it was too dangerous for the search teams to fub them.

Norway had already been hit by a similar landslide last summer. At that time, the downdraft at alta in the far north of the country pulled several houses and huts into the sea. People were not injured. As was the case then, it is now expected that the ground conditions have something to do with the landslide. However, the exact cause of the departure of ask is still unclear. There had been a lot of rain in the region recently.

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