Tips for the organic waste garbage can in winter

Every winter it’s that time again: the biomull goes into the organic waste garbage can and sometimes doesn’t want to go out again. Especially when the nights become icy, it is particularly important to take care of the organic waste garbage can, as the contents can freeze in frosty conditions.

According to a press release from the district office of forchheim, the danger is particularly serious if the green garbage can has already been left out overnight for collection. In such cases, the employees of the district’s own refuse collection service try to loosen the contents of the organic waste garbage cans with the help of the vehicle debris. Sometimes the bins can not be emptied completely, because the bins can not be hit on the debris as often and as hard as you like. Especially at minus temperatures, there is a risk that the plastic containers will crack.

Half full back

So it happens again and again that half-full containers must remain behind. These are then usually put back with the lid open so that the user can see that there were difficulties when trying to empty the bio garbage can.

To prevent this from happening, it is important to place the green garbage can in a garage, a cellar or at least on a house wall protected from the cold during the frost period. If the bin is placed on the straw just before emptying, nothing can freeze as a rule. However, not everyone has this option.

For this reason, the district administration provides tips on how to handle the organic waste garbage can during the cold season:

Most important principle: as little liquid as possible in the organic waste garbage can; organic waste (e.G. Coffee filters) should therefore be drained and allowed to dry in the kitchen.

Never throw compostable waste loosely into the garbage can; either wrap it in newspaper or collect it in paper bags, this will bind excess moisture. Mixing with dry garden waste is also a good way to reduce moisture. To prevent the organic waste from freezing, the bio bin can also be lined with corrugated cardboard or newspaper.

Branches and other bio-waste that could get stuck in the garbage can should be shredded beforehand. Excessive compaction of organic waste can also make it difficult to empty the organic waste garbage can completely. Special caution is required in this context with wet leaves, as these also bring moisture into the organic waste garbage can and can easily freeze solid.

If the contents of the garbage can are still stuck on the day of emptying, you should try to loosen them up with a broomstick or spade.

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