Visit to the german armed forces: “waldlaufer” visits hammelburg

Visit to the german armed forces: "waldlaufer" visits hammelburg

The "waldlaufer are a european youth group that meets once a year to explore lower franken forests in kleinheubach. They recently visited the federal army at the infantry training center in hammelburg.

Furst konstantin zu lowenstein is the organizer of the meeting. He says: "the children usually come to us several times and eagerly await the visit. The federal army forms the week's highlight." traditionally the waldlaufers are separated into boys and girls. This year, 30 girls and, a week later, 34 boys visited the infantry training center. While the girls enjoyed the best weather, it rained almost all day for the boys. "But this did not dampen the motivation", sergeant major michael jahns is delighted. He looked after the visitors this year.

The fall into the water

The water obstacles of the constance railroad on the troop training area caused particular excitement. Who makes a wrong step here, falls into the water. The goal is to get dry from one side to the other. Sergeant major jahns says: "several participants in both the boys' and girls' competitions landed in the water, which naturally amused the spectators." in the end every child tried his luck, which shows the good cooperation of the waldlaufers. In addition to the water obstacle, the forest runners crawled through a narrow tube and visited a vehicle display. "Like every year, we waldlaufer have left hammelburg again enthusiastically", furst zu lowenstein praised this year's program.

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