Women’s list: indications of power line already in 2014

The meeting of the women's list (FL) county began with a report by county councilwoman petra zenkel-schirmer on the public part of the previous county committee. One of the most important points for the members was the information about a possible power line route through the district of kronach.
In this context, chairwoman silke wolf-mertensmeyer pointed out that the FL already had information in november 2014 that predicted this alarming event. Maria gerstner recalled the subsequent motion of the FL in the district council with the urgent request to take this information seriously, to inform the district council continuously and to take action if necessary.

"No route through county"

The women present agreed that there should be no power line through the district of kronach, which, according to petra kostner, is also demonstrably not one of the most economical.
The next topic was a very pleasant one, because it was about the tourist development of margraviate churches in upper franconia. In particular around evangelic churches in the district of kronach for example the churches of langenau and ludwigsstadt. "This is certainly an untapped force for tourism and regional demand", regional bishop dorothea greiner commented on this in the press. "These appointments are sure to bring 'light' to our district, says lujza schmogner.
The report on the key data of the 2018 district budget was listened to with great interest. In the following discussion, the investments for the renovation of the schools as well as the VHS were buried extraordinarily.
Beate schmidt, city councilor of teuschnitz, expressed her regret that the upcoming retreat of the teuschnitz city council was scheduled to overlap, so that she and her colleague hedwig schnappauf were unfortunately unable to participate.
A concept study is to be prepared for the planning of the expansion of olschnitzsee lake. Petra zenkel-schirmer said that if the traffic situation could be solved well, the current planning would be a great thing.

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